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Vision 2020
By: Nica Sy

Last Update: 3/13/2014
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As we roll into the New Year, we have the opportunity to reflect on the past and plan for the future. Faith is a journey, and as a church, we invite all to reflect on our faith in the past, affirm our faith in the present and establish a plan for our future. To continue this journey together, Beacon UMC has decided to implement a 5-year plan for 2015-2020, which we have called Vision 2020.

Just as each individual has a faith journey, the church has a journey of its own that is constantly moving and changing. Since the beginning of its ministry in 1968, Beacon UMC has changed with the changing world.  Along this journey, Beacon came to a rest stop where we were able to celebrate all of our accomplishments. By the end of 2014, we had rested, celebrated, and enjoyed our reflections. Now it is time for us to move on. The year 2015 is our time, and we are called to lead Beacon into its next chapter. This 5-year plan, Vision 2020, will be the means of moving into our journey once again.

M - Mission

A -  Assets

P -  Process

I -   Implementation plan

T - Testing and tweaking


Before we continue on our way, we must first create a plan of where we are going. Vision 2020 will be started in 2015, and the first 6 months will be dedicated to mapping out our plan. This mapping process, called MAP-IT is a distinct and important part of Vision 2020. M stands for “mission”, in which we will set our goals and what we want to accomplish in the upcoming 5 years. A stands for “assets”, and the evaluation of those assets in order to figure out what resources we have and what resources we may need. P stands for “process”, which will hold the discussion of how we plan to achieve our main goals with the use of our assets. I stands for “implementation plan”; the next step of process, that will provide a more detailed look at our Vision 2020 plan (including dates, times, and other important smaller details). The final step in MAP-IT is T, which stands for “testing and tweaking”, where we will evaluate the plan and its execution on a regular basis. This step will last through the duration of Vision 2020 as a way to determine what works, what does not work, and what needs to be improved upon. Not everything in our initial plan may work out, so testing and tweaking is a way for us to ask ourselves if our journey is still leading to our mission. MAP-IT is a crucial part of Vision 2020 that will keep our work focused throughout our faith journey.

We recognize that our past has greatly influenced where we are today as a faith community. We have enjoyed a necessary rest stop to celebrate our accomplishment. Now is the time to bring Beacon to new heights and to firmly ground our faith for the journey of future generations. Our rest stop is over; it is time to move again! Vision 2020 will give clarity to our mission and to focus on Christ in our journey together.


By Nica Sy

Communications Ministry



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